Diversifying Eco Estrela Project reduces risk and increases opportunities

In response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and its negative impact on the hospitality industry, Gremi International created an updated version of the Eco Estrela project. Target audiences were expanded and investment risks were minimized. The master plan for the project has been revised to best meet demands and align with the changing economic conditions.

The reimagined Eco Estrela concept consists of three separate real estate projects, all of which will be created and run separately.

  1. The Adventure Village, branded as "Vila Aventora."
    The 65 unit development will provide the best conditions for all kinds of water-sports enthusiasts, especially kite surfers.
  2. A branded resort, featuring 16 luxury apartments, 9 resort villas, and 57 branded residences.
  3. The Luxury Condominium with residences for rent and for sale at the project's most prestigious locations. A total of 62 luxury villas and 10 luxury apartments will be built in this area.

A total of over 1km of beachfront will be included in each area, giving it a luxurious feel. Additionally, a Wellness Village with 11 units, available to the whole Eco Estrela resort, will cater to those looking for a relaxing, tropical getaway.

To further increase the appeal of the developed projects, following the first edition of Tropical Burn in 2019, a comprehensive agenda with many sports, arts, and cultural events has been created. It will be a vital element in attracting visitors looking for more than just a beach vacation. 

news 02 02 2022

Adding creativity to tourism is a good diversification strategy, particularly in the field of cultural tourism – creating new events and festivals and offering animations to static attractions are effective marketing tools in today's tourism industry. We aim to bring culture lovers to Eco Estrela, allowing them to see and feel the essence of local culture and society while enjoying the most distinctive features of the local lifestyle and holiday.