Zone B

Eco Tech Hub

Total area available: 46 ha

A 46 ha technology based Eco Tec Hub and Incubation center will incorporate research, with eductional support and commercially viable projects to become a working science center. With help of regional and international institutions we expect to facilitate a wide variety of areas in which the Tech Hub wil be of central importance.

This zone will include: the Solar Energy Plant, Marine Life Research Centre,  the Turtle Research and Protection Centre, Startup Camps, Live And Work In Paradise Centre, Algae Fuel Centre and tree shaped wind turbines.

Renewable Energies:

solar energy plant, algae fuel center, tree shaped wind energy plant, algae fuel center, tree shaped wind turbines.
The planned solar energy plant will have a 3MW capacity and provide enough energy for the project’s first phase (Six Senses Formosa Bay), with the possibility of expansion. Climatic conditions are favorable for algae energy researches and installation of visually interesting eolic tree shaped turbines.

Marine Life Research Center

The centre will benefit from excellent natural conditions; an abundance of salt water, fresh water and mixed salt and fresh water.

Turtle Research and Protection Center

A planned turtle research and protection centre. There are over 100 hawksbill sea turtle nests on the Eco Estrela project’s beaches; one of the highest densities in Brazil. The whole region is monitored by specialists, who have a designated spot for developing their research.

Live and Work in Paradise Center

Today's busy life rarely leaves us with time to enjoy simple pleasures. We spend most of the day in closed offices and urban jungles. That has a strong negative impact on our creativity and mental health, jeopardizing our performance in many aspects of our life – both private and professional. Baia Formosa and the Eco Estrela Project area is a perfect place to reconnect and find time to live and to work. Special work centers for companies from the Northern Hemisphere will integrate the ECO Tech Hub Project. Chosen employees or work groups can be send for periods of several months to Eco Tech Hub to recharge their internal batteries, recover their mental equilibrium, creativity and happiness. So simple – just Work and Live in Paradise.

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