Zone A

Eco Athleisure Area

Wind and water

Wind and water allow for harmonious contact with the surroundings. Without having a negative impact on the environment, guests and visitors will be able to fully enjoy the surrounding nature.


The area is one of the best surfing spots in Brazil, with clear and warm water. The versatile surfing conditions are suitable for beginners, as well as advanced surfers. Experienced surf aficionados can catch a big wave at the Pontal and Secret Point.


The area offers nine months of reliable wind, weather and waves. The best winds, from July until November, have an average speed of 12-25 knots, while wind speed in December and January is 10-18 knots. The site features a range of spots that all have something different to offer; clear shallows at low tide, plenty of wave-riding and jump opportunities in the peak season. The area features a huge lagoon with perfectly flat water, as well as an extensive deep area. It is good for Freestyle, Freeride and Kitewave.

Paddling and Kayaking

Stand-up paddling and kayaking provide close contact with nature. The strong tides in the area make them even more interesting by providing different ocean conditions for beginners and experienced people. 1400 ha of mangrove offers serene waters with nothing more than the sounds of nature. The Mangrove Paddle or Kayak Tour enable guests to experience the luxuriant nature of this unique habitat.


In the ocean, no swim is ever the same. It is always a great adventure – you must be prepared for whatever the ocean gives you. Open water presents a challenge never experienced in a pool. Swimmers develop a healthy aerobic endurance and improve technique. And above all, they get closer to nature. The area benefits from warm water temperatures – between 26°C and 28°C.

Diving and snorkeling

Clear water and the relatively short distance to the edge of the continental shelf provide good conditions for scuba diving. Stable water temperatures all year round (between 79°F and 83°F / 26°C and 28°C) and the rich diversity of marine life make it worth trying.


The site offers nine months of reliable, steady wind. Guests can spot and enjoy the company of dolphins heading out to sea in a long column, leaping and spinning as they go. Baia Formosa is the only bay in Rio Grande do Norte, making it a good area for leisure sailing.
Eco Athleisure Area

Sports and leisure activities

Horse-riding and Polo Centre

With a great climate for outdoor sports and a strong horse-riding tradition in the region, the site will have a professional field with all the necessary facilities and stables for Polo Cup tournaments and Polo practice. Polo’s popularity in Brazil and Argentina will make the Eco Estrela Polo Club one of the most prestigious places in the world for Polo players and fans.

Tennis and Beach tennis

With 6.5 km of beach, the area is perfect for tennis and beach tennis. Beach tennis is a mixture of sport and fun, regardless of age. It has a rapid learning curve, making it a perfect holiday sport. Playing and moving in the sand is a great way to improve strength and flexibility.

Beach volleyball and footvolley

Great for improving speed and agility – all the muscles are used to run, jump, accelerate and change direction. Beach volleyball and footvolley are extremely popular in the Brazilian northeast. The location is ideal for beach sports, where they are a daily activity.


Archery is a mental game that forces one to look inwards to succeed. It is an exercise in mental discipline, razor-sharp focus and patience. By hushing the mind and breath, it helps develop focus and endurance, while stepping out of one’s comfort zone. It releases stress and frees the mind.

Outdoor running

Great climate, diverse surfaces, fresh high quality air make Eco Estrela a perfect place for outdoor running. Diverse landforms put the experience on a higher level allowing great training for long distance and marathon running. The area gives the possibility to combine running, swimming & bike trainings.


E-bikes offer an eco-friendly alternative for exploring the diverse landscape of the Eco Estrela project, the village of Baia Formosa and its surroundings. Promoting the use of solar energy and electric bicycles in the local tourist industry minimises the carbon footprint and use of non-renewable natural resources.

Capoeira and yoga

Capoeira is considered part of Brazilian cultural heritage by UNESCO. This traditional Afro-Brazilian martial art combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music.
Yoga calms the mind and challenges the body, while the sounds of the ocean and wind inspire. At Eco Estrela, yoga can be practiced at sunrise and sunset, with fresh ocean air and fifty shades of green, while time stops.

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