• Located in one of the most privileged areas of the Brazilian Northeast

    A land of dreams

  • A mix of top end residential and hotel properties in a secluded area that guarantees a high level of privacy for the guests

    Luxury hospitality project

  • 6,5 km of beaches by the ocean, a large area of mangrove forest, rivers and an abundance of subtropical flora and fauna

    Heavenly environment

Eco Estrela

The “Eco Estrela’’ development project is a new world-class tourism destination situated in a beautiful location near Baia Formosa in the north-eastern part of Brazil. Gremi International is creating an environment which integrates the advantages of the site with its harmonious philosophy and offers a range of activities that will comprise leisure and recreation.
The project will be implemented using a phased development approach with a master plan allowing up to 2.541 units for which the environmental licensing has been approved and work has started on the master development infrastructure installations. The first development phase, with the Installation License to start construction in place, encompasses a prestigious Branded Resort, Luxury Condominium, an Adventure Village and an assortment of food & beverage, leisure, sports and services infrastructure.

Promotional movie

It has taken me many years to find Eco Estrela.

In 2003, I embarked on a mission to find paradise on Earth and, after crossing 3,500 km of beaches,dunes, bays and islands, I have found it. A place where life seems to pass at a slower pace and every single moment delivers blissful sunshine and spiritual peacefulness. I was surrounded by incredible nature: 6.5 km of beach, mangrove forest and animals. In the nearby village, Baia Formosa, I met amazing people with breath-taking traditions, colourful culture and a simple, but inspiring philosophy: finding happiness in simple things. I felt: this is a place that I should protect and these are people whom I would like to support.

With my team, we spent over ten years doing our best to protect the environment and support the local community. The market calls it “impact investment” but, for us, it is much more. Together with a right partner, who shares our values, including social responsibility and sustainability, we are creating practical solutions for the environment and for local inhabitants. Our goal is to create a place where everyone can experience and fall in love with balanced and sustainable living. We want people to take this experience with them so that, once they get home, they will be inspired to get involved with the local community and care for the environment to recreate the paradise that we once lost.

Founder, Greg Hajdarowicz

Experience in VR

Investment site covers 2,347 ha of the most beautiful area of the Baia Formosa.
Feel free to look around as if being there yourself.

To get started you will need a Google Cardboard compatible headset or a Samsung GearVR headset.
Fazenda Estrela s/n
Baía Formosa, RN Brazil


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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