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Investment opportunity in newest
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Six Senses
Formosa Bay

There’s always much excitement when Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas unveils plans for their newest destination. The latest project to be announced, with a setting that offers exceptional natural beauty and out-of-the-ordinary guest experiences, is Six Senses Formosa Bay in Brazil.

Project Details

  • number of keys
  • Resort Villas
  • Family Villas
  • Six Senses Private Residences
Constraction period

2 years

Architectural Concept

The project tries to respect the natural conditions of the site: topography, native vegetation, winds and solar orientation. The buildings follow the same criteria of occupation, respecting the topography for their own benefit, in order to enhance the environment virtues (the "genius loci").
The proximity of the sea is also a focus to be explored. The sun, the topography (variable levels), and the prevailing winds will be a reference for the positioning of the architectural elements.

1st Phase of “Eco Estrela” project is
“Six Senses Formosa Bay”

85 ha (210 acres) with access to
another 1898 ha (4690 acres) of Land

The proposed masterplan at Six Senses Formosa Bay has been designed with 73 Pool Villas to the north of the site and easy access to water sports; 60 Family Villas in the centre of the property with family and wellness orientation; and 58 Six Senses Residences to the south of the site, which will be made available for private owner-ship. Three groups of guest facilities will be conveniently located through the elongated property, each with dining options, bars and a swimming pool. The resort has earmarked an area to the south of the property to establish an organic farm, which together with local farmers and fishing community, will provide much of the produce used in the kitchens. Six Senses Spa Formosa Bay will include single and double treatment rooms, steam, sauna and hammam.
In addition to the menu of Six Senses specialty treatments, several renowned Brazilian therapies will be offered together with Six Senses Integrated Wellness, which is based on the preventative principals of Eastern medicine and result-oriented Western influences. This innovative guest option to wellness allows in-house experts to measure and analyze key physiological biomarkers in order to provide guests with lifestyle and nutritional advice and design a personalized program of spa treatments, fitness and wellness activities.

In line with Six Senses sustainability commitments, construction materials will come from sustainable sources together with repurposed materials. Villa designs, will follow a contemporary line with minimum energy consumption wedded to guest comfort as a strong consideration. Furnishings will evoke a natural and neutral palate together with splashes of vibrancy that will reflect Brazil’s colourful culture. Main facility structures such as restaurants and the spa will take on individual design characters and themes to enhance guest experiences. The calm expansive waterway and lush mangrove forest is ideal for activities such as sailing, line fishing, paddling, kayaking, stand-up boarding and exploring the rich preservation of flora and fauna with some fascinating birdlife. Experienced surf aficionados can catch a big wave in the ocean and fans of kite-surf can find one of the best spots in the world. The local village of Baia Formosa is also a fascinating place to visit. In addition to its prime activity of fishing, visitors may also discover artisans utilising regional raw materials. A little further afield is the largest reserve of Atlantic forest, which covers almost 2,000 hectares (5,000 acres). Visits to the forest will be arranged through the resort’s activity centre.

Geographic Situation

With a humid tropical climate, Formosa Bay has high temperatures throughout the year, with predominance for humid season and constant precipitations.
The region, located near the Equator Line, has solar incidence on all facades along the year, with the sun slanting south in the summer and north in the winter, with predominant north-west wind.
Located in a coastal strip occupied by dunes partially protected by halophytic and psamophilic vegetation and arboreal / shrub in the upper portions, devoid of interdunate vegetation due to the activity of the winds.

Landscape Enclosures

  • Traffic Routes (Low Impact):
    - Native Species (“Restinga” and Atlantic Forest)
    - Marking and Integration with pre-architecture treatment

  • Mangrove (Permanent Preservation Area)
    Possible extension of the mangrove with intention to introduceinterpretation trails and culture of crabs

  • Pre-architecture Gardens:
    - Arboreal Stratum 
    - Native Species
    - Shrubby Stratum - Native Species and/or Adapted
    - Herbaceous Stratum 
    - Native Species

  • Park Treatment:
    - Native Species (“Restinga” and Atlantic Forest)

  • Arboreal Shrub Vegetation for dunes fixation
    - preservation area

Architectural Guidelines for Sustainability

Architectural guidelines favoring natural ventilation and lightning; shadows through pergolas, eaves and vegetation; solar orientation favorable to protect from direct solar incidence; implantation in the terrain respecting the existing topography; solar energy for water heating and energy production.

Nowadays big areas in South and Southeast of Brazil are covered with planted forests. Those forests were developed to supply feedstock to paper industry and, more recently, started to produce wood for lumber-mill.
Managed forests and reforestation protects soil and combat the greenhouse effect by producing oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from atmosphere.
Leftovers can be recycled or used in other ways, such as burned to obtain energy or crumbled to fertilize the soil.
Glue Laminated Timber has low own height, which demands smaller and cheaper foundations.
The energy required to produce Glue Laminated Timber is 5x smaller than steel and 24x smaller than concrete.

Six Senses Formosa Bay Project overview

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