Cooperation With The Local Community

Promoting social activities in Baia Formosa has always been an important part of Gremi International's strategy for the “Eco Estrela” project. Social Development combined with economic growth being a result of the establishment of the resorts will bring better quality of life for the region.

The International Film Festival (FINC) is an annual event created by Greg Hajdarowicz, founder of Gremi International. Focused on short movies it brings important incentive for local filmmakers and has been gathering people interested in the film industry for the last 9 years. The winner of the 1 Minute Movie Competition travels to participate in the Off Camera Festival in Cracow with his winning movie. 

Sport events such as beach volleyball competitions and running events are co-organized with local associations.

Environmental protection and nature care are essential for such a heavenly scenery. Gremi International has registered Baia Formosa in the Clean up the World movement and organizes periodically beach cleaning events with local schools and local authorities.

FINC IX - video