The exceptional hospitality project
in South America (Brazil)

Eco Estrela

Eco Estrela´s Masterplan has been developed by EDSA – a world reference in planning, landscape architecture and urban design. The result is a combination of natural beauty and an orderly occupation with a nature inspired design. 

Project Details

  • Parameter
  • Total area of plots
    2,571 ha
  • Lenght of beachfront
    6,5 km
  • Planned construction units


Gremi International SARL, an international holding company based in Luxembourg (operating in Luxembourg, Netherlands, Brazil, Poland, USA) is developing the “Eco Estrela” project in Baia Formosa, Brazil. It is a new world-class, prestige tourism destination comparable to exotic, luxury locations such as Porto Cervo, Sardinia (Italy), Sotogrande (Spain) and Mayakoba (Mexico). The “Eco Estrela” project will encompass several hotels, resort facilities and luxury residential units. The extraordinary site features 6.5 kilometers (4.1 miles) of Atlantic beachfront and covers an area of 2571 hectares (6,353 acres). The project will be implemented using a phased development approach. The project has a masterplan (prepared by EDSA) that allows up to 2,641 units to be built. Most importantly, Gremi Group holds the final Installation License allowing to start construction, issued on December 27, 2018 by Environmental Agency of the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

In January 2019, Founder of Gremi International, Chief Investment Officer at Gremi and General Manager initiated the establishment of RAIF (Reserved Alternative Investment Fund) in Luxembourg. This structure is the optimum investment vehicle for the Eco Estrela project as it will simplify and accelerate the development of the project. RAIF gives investors security as it is managed by an authorised AIFM. At the same time RAIF will help project gain more visibility as it benefits from the European passport granted by the AIFM Directive for marketing to professional investors in the EU.

The first phase of the “Eco Estrela” concept is the “Six Senses Formosa Bay” project developed in direct cooperation with hotel, resort and spa management company Six Senses ( Signing a contract with such a successful company for its first and biggest South American destination is a sign of the project’s quality.
The “Six Senses Formosa Bay” masterplan was designed as two resorts (an Active Resort and a Family Resort) and 58 Private Six Senses Branded Residences, which will be available for private ownership. The interior and exterior of the Resorts and Branded Residences are expected to be completed in 2021.

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The project is located north of Baia Formosa, the most eastern town in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte, in the north-east of the country. Rio Grande do Norte occupies the north-eastern tip of the South American continent. This location gives the state a strategic importance, as the closest to Europe across the Atlantic Ocean. The state’s capital and largest city is Natal, one hour north of Baia Formosa.
Natal is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.

Uniqueness of Eco Estrela Location

The “Eco Estrela” project is located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte (north-east of Brazil), near the town of Baía Formosa, which lies about 94 km south of Natal (the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte) and about 106 km north of João Pessoa (the capital of the state of Paraíba).
Natal is a popular destination especially among domestic tourists as well as South Americans (especially from Argentina) and Europeans. In 2016 Natal ranked seventh among the country’s most popular tourist destinations (source: Brazilian Government). The region is known for its attractive climate. It records over 300 days of sunshine every year and has one of the best air quality in the world.
The extraordinary “Eco Estrela” site features 6,5 kilometres (4,1 miles) of Atlantic beachfront and covers an area of 2,571 hectares (6,353 acres).
Originally, it was used as a coconut plantation and, as a result, 47 thousand coconut trees create the unique site landscape.

The northern part of the property borders with the river Curimatau and is relatively flat, whereas the southern part is characterised by sand dunes offering attractive views of the natural settings on one side and the sea on the other.
The project site benefits from very good visibility from basically all directions. Due to the remote location and the nature surrounding the project site as well direct beach access, it benefits from unobstructed views.
The project site offers vast potential for various water sports activities such as kite surfing, surfing, sailing, etc. In addition, a diverse environment including the beach, the Private Natural Heritage Reserve Mata Estrela and the mangroves offer the possibility to organise buggy rides, horse riding, walking and kayak tours. Moreover, the clear water and relatively short distance to the edge of the continental shelf provide good conditions for scuba diving.

The “Eco Estrela” project offers a magnificent natural setting for a coastal resort. The project embraces the sites’ character and positive qualities to give residents and visitors a unique and varied experience. Restoration is key to the project as it enhancing the different landscapes that configure this beautiful property. Boutique hotels by the beach side, resorts by the plantation side and natural restoration site by the salt marshes create a dialogue between lifestyle and sense of place. The project is filled with activities that recognize the wind, the sun and the sand, the organic geometry of a coconut growth and the rolling topography that contains them, the value of preservation and the great gift of giving back to the community. The “Eco Estrela” project is to become a thriving and diverse community that will offer the best of experiences to all who want to explore.

Sustainability as Key Value

The basic concept of use and occupation of the area established for the “Eco Estrela” project is entirely integrated with nature, aimed at harmonious coexistence of resort real estate, sports and leisure facilities with natural features of relevant environmental interest that shall be protected on the investment site. The concept for the investment is based on the development of a range of sustainable tourist activities kept in harmony with local nature and following all the requirements and occupation indices established in the relevant environmental legislation. The “Eco Estrela” project is expected to host areas intended for resorts, hotels, technological centre, commerce and service facilities, horse riding centre, Projeto Tamar Center (Centre for Turtle Research and Protection), sport fishing and diving centre, as well as extensive green areas and professional stables and game fields for the Polo Academy. The junction of natural beauty and orderly occupation is aimed at creation of a sustainable tourist destination focused on high standard local and international niche markets. The suggested occupation model respects public space through the creation of elements that will emphasize the landscape value and natural road system. The effective use of solar energy, responsible management of water resources, greenery architecture based on endemic species and transportation services utilizing solely electric vehicles - are the fundamentals of the “Eco Estrela” Concept.

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