• Located in one of the most privileged areas of the Brazilian Northeast

    A land of dreams

  • A mix of top end residential and hotel properties in a secluded area that guarantees a high level of privacy for the guests

    Luxury hospitality project

  • 6,5 km of beaches by the ocean, a large area of mangrove forest, rivers and an abundance of subtropical flora and fauna

    Heavenly environment

Eco Estrela

The Eco Estrela Project is situated in a beautiful location near Baia Formosa in the north-eastern part of Brazil. Gremi International is creating an environment which integrates the advantages of the site with its harmonious philosophy and offers a range of activities that will comprise leisure and recreation.
It is a perfect setting for a mix of high-end residential and hotel properties, completed by a village of supporting facilities. Six Senses, a partner of the project, is planning a SPA resort to help guests reset and relax. Each building will be an extension of the environment, meaning that the architecture is set to create a seamless dialogue between people and nature.

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Partnership Project

Six Senses
Formosa Bay

"It's with great excitement that we enter Brazil with partner, Gremi International SARL, on an incredible project in Brazil's Formosa Bay. The extraordinary site, part of the Eco Estrela project, features 6.5 kilometers (4.1 miles) of Atlantic Ocean Beachfront and covers an area of 2,347 hectares (5,800 acres). The project reflects the sustainability commitments of Six Senses and will feature an innovative approach to wellness not yet seen in South America. The proposed master plan includes Pool Villas, Family Villas, a Six Senses Spa, stargazing observatory, organic farm and Six Senses Residences available for private ownership. A turtle research center plus a polo field is also planned".

Omar Romero
Vice President, Development,
Six Senses Resorts Hotels Spa

Experience in VR

Investment site covers 2,347 ha of the most beautiful area of the Baia Formosa.
Feel free to look around as if being there yourself.

To get started you will need a Google Cardboard compatible headset or a Samsung GearVR headset.

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Fazenda Estrela s/n
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